Adsense Black Hat Method


Black Hat method to make money

Adsense Black Hat Method

Hi guys, I have already told you some popular ways to earn money, in this method all are based on white hat. But today, I am sharing a black hat method. Here we will use YouTube + Google AdSense to make some money using black hat strategy, simply AdSense black hat method.  Why I am calling this method as Grey hat method? Because in this method your Google account will never banned that’s mean it is not one time method and other hand you don’t need to wait too long to make few dollars, as you have done in the case of blogging, neobux etc.

Before I start please note these two points.
1. Although this method will never ban your AdSense account but for worst case please don’t use an existing (having some money on it) account.
2. This method is investment free but for faster result you may invest some money.

Basic Requirements for :

1. A 6 months old YouTube account. Never use it for spamming, by spamming I meant never upload too much video at once.
2. Of course an AdSense account related to that YouTube account.
3. Some money for faster result.

 Black Hat method to Earn Money from Google

Adsense Black Hat Method

1. Make a YouTube account on the niche car crashes, dash cams and security cams, that’s mean your video should be based on car crashes.
Then link your YouTube account with AdSense and enable monetization.

Adsense Black Hat Method

2. Now search for some interesting Dash cam, security cam footage of car crashes on the internet and download them.
 Extremely important: Do not download videos of car crashes or robberies/potentially viral which has been recorded by a pedestrian/amateur videographer with his camera.

3. If required, edit videos using some basic video editor. Use only copyright free audios in your video.
 Now upload these video on your YouTube account. Don’t forget to put some interesting name as well as interesting thumbnails for every video. Put tags (keywords) and also use some good combination of keywords in your video description. (Ask me, I will give you a basic guide of how you can rank your YouTube videos?)
Note>> don’t spam and upload 100 videos at once. You monetization can be disabled.

4. Now you need to promote an extremely interesting video, from your upload. As I already mentioned you need to make some small investment. This step will make all the difference, how much and how faster you will earn?
There are many platforms where you can start promoting your videos, but I will prefer Google Adwords.

Remember: If your video is very interesting, people will automatically like and share it. Then you will not need any further promotion of your video. In some days, YouTube will begin to show your video as suggestion for others. You will also notice that your other videos are also getting good views without any promotion.

5. When promoted video reach to minimum 10000 views, stop promoting it. Now it will now get views naturally from shares, YouTube suggestion etc. You can now also choose another video and repeat the process. Nah! Don’t stop uploading videos, upload frequently.

6. Believe me in few days your channel will get thousands of subscribers. Once your channel has a few thousand subscribers YouTube will start featuring your channel in suggested channels.  Now it is your time.

  Why an old account?

The main reason behind using an old account is: If someone uses his new account for YouTube, and enable monetization. The all videos he has uploaded will go under review. That’s mean your uploaded Dash cam, security cam footage etc video also go under review, her you will stuck. Your monetization application will be rejected, no monetization, no money.
In other hand in an old (6 month old), clean account, monetization get easily approved.

Popular AdSense Myths you should avoid


Top Google AdSense Myths to Ignore

Popular AdSense Myths image

What make a blogger rich? Of course it is Google AdSense, there is no doubt Google and sense is best ad network available in the internet. Google AdSense is most trusted and high CPC ads network. Getting asuccessful approved AdSense account doesn’t mean you will be rich in a month. Due to lack or half knowledge of AdSense beginner make some misunderstanding about Google AdSense, called AdSense myths. As Google is a huge player in the market, thus there are chances to have more rumors around it. This myth affect the earning of blogger and in worst case, blogger got banned from AdSense.
 In this article I will share some common AdSense myth, you should avoid. If you are beginner in AdSense, it’s my personal recommendation to read this article to avoid getting banned from AdSense.

Google AdSense myth

Create Keylogger using notepad


How to Create Keylogger in Notepad

Create Keylogger using notepad
keylogger is a type of small software which can record username and password of victim. In fact keylogger record every keystroke to a log file. Such type of keystroke records is dangerous which can tracks victim’s activity. Hacker can use keylogger to hack your all accounts, they can also hack victim’s bank passwords. Usually keylogger are not free in internet, but you can create your own keylogger with any text editor, in our case with a notepad. You don’t need any programming experience, just follow my steps.

How to Create Keylogger with Notepad

You don’t need any special tool to do this; primary requirement is a single text editor (note pad).

Hack girlfriend's whatsapp account


How to hack girlfriend’s whatsapp account

 Hack girlfriend's whatsapp account

Hi guys,
Do you know hacking a Whatsapp account is one of the hardest works; there is no direct way to hack a whatsapp account. As we do with other social account such as Facebook, Gmail etc. they can either be hacked with simplest trick phishing, using pc, but there is no chance with whatsapp. 
Since there is no web version available for whatsapp so above methods which actually used to crack or obtain username and password won’t work. I think you know that user don’t require any username and password to access whatsapp, in fact their phone’s details are used by whatsapp to identify each user. Whatsapp also added some new security feature such as user to user data encryption, now every text message sent via encrypted method.

Warning: There is no online site and software/app available which can hack any whatsapp account / message. Such sites contain malware and thousands of ads and surveys.

When we talk about how to hack whatsapp of my gf?  That means how to get access to friend’s chat/ text message? Not full control to her whatsapp account. To get a full access to her whatsapp account, you must be able to get control of her phone. To do this, usually whatsapp spy, phone spy are best paid tools.

The method is if we have physical access to her phone. In some special cases, if you want to get personal chat of your girlfriend or boyfriend. Whatsapp always create backup of your chat to either your email or to your physical storage. But this backup data is encrypted. This is very difficult to decrypt or if victim storing backup to Google drive, it is impossible to collect that data.
But I found vulnerability on whatsapp chat system, which can be used to read victim’s full chat in your device. Actually whatsapp allow us to send our chat as email. And this chat data sent in plain text format. So we can easily read this chat without decrypting.


How to Prevent getting banned from AdSense?


Google AdSense: How to avoid getting banned from AdSense?

We can do everything for make money, agree? That’s why we have applied for AdSense in our blog. In the case of AdSense valid clicks are major way to earn more. Did you notice that I use valid click. What’s valid click? Those click which done by your user without any trick such as making fool your visitors, asking for click or self-clicking. Many blogger use such type of tricks to earn more and get banned from using AdSense. So today I am sharing a list of what not do in AdSense, unless which can ban you.
Google will never tell you this is wrong, they will never send you email about fake click or illegal activity warning instead they will ban you without any warning. All your money refunded to Ad Words customers. So read my full articles and follow all these DO NOT rules. If you are applying for Google Adsense then read this article to get instant approval.

Don’t break 10 rules to avoid getting banned from AdSense

1.  Don'ts Break rules

Secret of running a good AdSense account is never break Google’s rule. Keyword stuffing, title stacking cloaking such type of all ways is against to Google AdSense policies. It is not only blocks you from Google AdSense, it will also block you from Google search engine. When you put Google AdSense in your site, your site is scanned every moment by Google bot and you will be caught when your break a single rule of Google AdSense.

2. Click on Your Own Ads

It’s not guarantee that your will get clicks every day, it’s all depend on your visitor’s interest, whether they will click or not. Thus is obvious, tempting to click on your own ads. Many blogger find it easy to earn more. This is the major reason of suspended or banned account. According to Google, it a form of click fraud and Google has a strong algorithm against such type of fraud clicks. If you’re thinking to use any VPN, forget that idea, Google can detect free or public VPN (IP).
Google track all type of address such as your IP, ISP, device browser and mac address etc.

3. Hiding Your Ads

This is old trick to hide your ads by making them of same color as your background of website. Thus without knowledge of reader you will get good amount of clicks and you do still get paid for such clicks and page views. But this violates Google AdSense’s policies and you would be caught easily.
So never hide your ads and ads should be visible to your visitors.

4. Begging for Clicks

While can’t click on your own ads then can you ask for your friends to make some clicks. Some blogger using click exchange groups such where they share clicks.
Remember begging for clicks or exchanging ads in social networks can ban you from using AdSense. Also don’t use tag for your ads such sponsor link, click here, best photo, offer for you etc.
Let me tell you how Google analyze it, Google has a typical algorithm which read visitors mouse effect on webpage. When your friends click on ads they don’t act as a usual visitors and Google caught this click. Thus your AdSense account can be banned.

10 Thing Must Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

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What to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

 what to do before applying for adsense

There is no doubt; Google AdSense is the main source of income of every blogger. And Google AdSense is also the reason to increase newbies to be a blogger. Of course Google AdSense is a simple, clean way to start making some extra money with your blog.  However, situation now changed from the early days, as new blogger increases and fraud clicks issued also increase and Google AdSense change many things. Now you need more preparation before applying for AdSense or in simple words you need to full fill their TOS. If you ask me to how I can get approval for Google AdSense, my personal advice is you have to show Google AdSense that you are serious about blogging
In this article I will write everything about Google AdSense, how you can prepare to apply for Google AdSense and it is recommended that every beginner must read whole article.

What is Google AdSense?


There are two type of service offered by Google.
  • AdSense for Publishers
  • Adword for Advertisers

AdSense are ads display by Google, these ads are actually promoted paid sites or offers of customer in adword,
A blogger which have some unique traffic can apply for publisher account (AdSense) for earning. On other hand to promote your product or site, you can also apply for advertiser account (adword).
In this article we will completely focus only on publisher account that is google AdSense.

Who can apply for Google AdSense?

 Everyone can apply for Google AdSense having a blog/site with custom domain such as .com, .net, .in and if you are using a subdomain like you can’t apply for Google AdSense expect In more simple words Google AdSense can be used by everyone who used their Blospot platform (with a condition) or custom domain.  If you are using subdomain you have to wait for 6 months then you can apply for Google AdSense.

10 Ways to Increase Your Chances when Applying for AdSense

1. Unique Posts

what to do before applying for adsense

 Remember one rule content is king. If you blog don’t have some new or unique post forget about earning. Unique posts will help you in successful approval for AdSense as well as it will increase your traffic too.

Minimum number of posts

Many people ask for minimum number of posts to apply for AdSense. Actually, there is no minimum number posts stated by Google AdSense in TOS. That’s why I already mention for unique posts. You can also read my previous article for more information about unique posts.

2. Privacy and Policy Pages

add privacy and policy page in blogger

It may seem odd having privacy & policy in your blog for your reader, but it is will show your blog professional and help you in AdSense approval. So what is policy? The policy describes to your visitor what they will see in your blog and what can do with that. To save your time you can online Privacy and policy generator. In blogger, create privacy and policy page and add it to you blog using page widget.

3. Contact Information Page

This is another page where you put your contact information which also important in your AdSense approval. It is not necessary to write your all contact information, but at least your email should be noted here.

How to fix AdSense Insufficient Content problem?


AdSense “Insufficient Content” Issue

How to fix AdSense Insufficient Content problem 

Every blogger dream about having google adsense's ads in his blog, many of you may applied for google adsense. As beginner many one face same problem or get same reply from google adsense. i.e. "Insufficient content" There are many questions, people frequently ask such as why does google adsense say I have “insufficient content”?
What's that mean if i have already enough posts in my blog? Other hand you also notice that your some friend or competitor has adsense account with few posts. Read article carefully to get your answers.

Why You Receive “Insufficient Content” Message from Google AdSense?

 AdSense Insufficient Content email

First you need to understand why this happen with you? The basic idea of solving a problem is analyze it first. When you apply for adsense, google adsense team use google spider to analyze your site, this spider (a robot of google which analyze your site) analyze your sites niche and content. Insufficient content means when google crawler or spider not able to read your site. This is because either your site is full of copyright issue or there less words in your posts. There is another issue, if you posting videos or flash files in your blog, which is against google adsense policies. If you site doesn't comply with google policies, you will never have google adsense.

How to Fix Google AdSense “Insufficient Content” Problem?

Now you know how adsense analyze your blog and why you get insufficient content.

Don’t Reapply Instantly After Disapproval

First of all when you get a message of insufficient content issue, don't re-apply instantly. Many of blogger post few post after getting such email from google then re-apply in next day. Beginners are so excited for adsense they re-apply again and again, and result is put their blog to black list of adsense. I don't think you want to be black listed.

Write new high quality posts

write high quality

What your blog make a blog? Answer is article or post, if there is no new or unique posts, you can never earn with your blog. Unique post also increase visitor and increase your google ranking too. So you need to write high quality posts (High quality posts mean they shouldn't be copied), you can also add an author or guest author. Don't forget that your posts should be related to your blog's niche and contain up to 600 words with proper grammar.